Why are people so crazy to buy an Apple iPhone!

Popularity– In the last 10 years, no one has been able to come close to the popularity of the iPhone.  Before the release of the iPhone in the market, the iPhone received orders for about 7 million phones. No other company in the history of the world has received so many pre-orders for their mobile before they come into the market,  It doesn’t end there. When the iPhone came out in Sydney in 2010, there was a long line in front of the Apple Store at 4 in the morning, but the store would open at 10 in the morning.

Everyone standing in line could not return home to buy an iPhone that day before the store ran out of stock. Following the next year, new iPhones were not available in most Apple because the number of phones that arrived at the factory ran out of pre-orders. No other phones in the world ran out before it hit the market, the only difference being the iPhone, whose new model awaits millions of technology lovers around the world.

Difference and Design–Every year where other companies release one mobile phone after another, the iPhone releases one or two phones and those two phones are the best in the market. Every time Apple launches a phone, the price is 50/60% higher than the previous model. Yet why do people stumble behind Apple? Why is there so much talk or madness about iPhone?Why is the iPhone so popular with people despite being so expensive? 

 One of the reasons why the iPhone is so popular is because of its design which sets it apart from other phones. Where all other phones have one or more buttons, only one unique button was fixed for the iPhone. The iPhone is so popular because of the design. 

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Own Operating Systems–  Apple doesn’t run rented operating systems like all other companies, they have their own operating systems, which has taken Apple to another height of popularity.


Security– Now let’s go talk about security. The Apple iPhone is never infected with viruses, And if someone goes to hack, he will break a sweat. A few days ago, some of the top US spies failed to unlock the accused’s API and the iPhone, after which they went to Apple, but Apple refused to unlock the lock directly.

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Operating System– A recent study found that the biggest threat to the mobile operating system is Spyware. Against which no operating system other than the iPhone’s iOS has been able to build resistance. If you lose your iPhone, you can find it with the App Find my iPhone system. this app has 100% benefits only in the developed world.

Touchscreen Technology– As well as No one has come close to the iPhone in touchscreen technology yet.

APPS & Technologies– Because of the iPhone, we have become acquainted with some technologies that no one has seen or known before. In today’s world, the victory song of the app, but who knows who first came up with the idea of ​​this app? iPhone!  Apple has taken its innovative power to a level that others could not have imagined, and that is what Apple is inventing.

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Trust & Compromise– The iPhone has never compromised on quality or price. That’s why even after the death of Steve Jobs the iPhone is still intact at its own height. The iPhone is so popular because of all the exceptional features, security, and 100% quality control.

If a phone wants to be close to the edge of the iPhone, its value must be much higher than the iPhone, otherwise, no one will be able to surpass the iPhone in the mobile world.

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